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This website is intended as a resource for those sharing my interests and concerns about Sustainable Energy and Nanotechnology. My intent is to explore those topics in much greater depth and with better balance than you will find on most other websites. To protect that balance, this a completely non-profit & non-commercial website. I benefit only through the hope that I might be making a difference.

As such, I am eager for suggestions about increasing the website's impact. Where should it be enhanced or expanded? Are there topics you believe SHOULD have been explored but were not? Are there discussions you see as incomplete or flawed? Or is there just something that you'd like some help in finally figuring out?

If so, please contact me.

But to the INTERNET MARKETEERS who regularly propose schemes for increasing my (and their) profits, please READ the paragraphs above (you are wasting your time).

Subject of your comments:

I agree to wasting my time by sending you this marketing proposal