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Corresponding Web Notes: Biomass & Biofuels (pptx / pdf / key)


EPA Combined Heat and Power Partnership - Biomass Resources, U.S. EPA (link / cached copy)

Biomass Power Plants In the United States (a complete list with links to many plant websites), RenewableEnergyDev.com (link / cached copy

Biomass from Sawdust:

Who Made That Charcoal Briquette, Dasha Slater, New York Times, 26 Sept. 2014 (link / cached copy)

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Biomass from Manure:

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Biomass from Municipal Solid Waste:

Municipal Solid Waste, U.S. EPA (link / cached copy

Energy Recovery from Waste, U.S. EPA (link / cached copy

Energy Recovery from the Combustion of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), U.S. EPA (link / cached copy)

Municipal Solid Waste Generation, Recycling, and Disposal in the United States:

Facts and Figures for 2012, U.S. EPA (link / cached copy

Data Tables for 2012, U.S. EPA (link / cached copy)

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Biofuel's Lifetime Energy Return on Energy Invested:

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Biofuel's Greenhouse Gas Impact:

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Biofuel's Land use and Fertilizer Pollution:

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Biofuel's Water Consumption:

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U.S. EIA FAQs: How much gasoline does the United States consume?  (link / cached copy)

The USGS Water Science School: How much water does the average person use at home per day? (link / cached copy)

Corn Biofuel's Impact on the Worldwide Cost of Food:

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Articles about the aviation industry's interest in biofuels

United Airlines Investing $30 Million in Biofuels Producer - Associated Press, 30 June 2015 (link / cached copy)

Why Airlines Keep Pushing Biofuels: They Have No Choice - Associated Press, 21 July 2015 (link / cached copy)