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PowerPoint Lecture Notes: The Bleeding Edge: Nanoelectronics

Virtual Lab Presentation on "How Semiconductors and Transistors Work" (link):


Virtual Lab Presentations on "Quantum Cellular Automata (QCA's):"

Full presentation on Memory Cells (link)
Full presentation on Logic Circuits (link)


Excerpt on Majority Gate:
All three inputs get a vote, majority rules.


Excerpt on OR Gate:
Anchor (fix) one input at 1. Then if either of two free inputs goes to 1, get 1 as output.


Excerpt on AND Gate:
Anchor (fix) one input at 0. Then both of the free inputs must go to 1 in order to get 1 as output.


QCA's combined to form a binary adder (building block that allows computers to do math)


Aldeman's seminal paper on DNA Computing (cached copy with added notes at end)

Alderman's: "Computing with DNA" review in Scientific American (cached copy)