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PowerPoint Lecture Notes: Nano Molecular Machines

Animations & Movies used in the Lecture:

Harvard's incredible "The Inner Life of the Cell"

Short (3:09 min), large format (680x480 pixel) version with music (original link)

Long (8:11 min), small (270x180 pixel) version with technical narration (original link)

SEM movie of actual kinesin driven organelle movement:

Animation of kinesin movement

R. Vale (UCSD), R. Milligan (Scripts Res. Inst.), and G. Johnson (Fifth Element Inc.)
included with book "Molecular Biology of the Cell"

From the Nanorex Inc. Website Gallery (producer of molecular simulation software):

Small Bearing

Author: K. Eric Drexler (Nanorex, Inc.)

"Mark III" Planetary Gear

Author: K. Eric Drexler (Nanorex, Inc.)


Authors: K. Eric Drexler (Nanorex, Inc.) and
Ralph C. Merkle (Georgia Tech University)

"SRG-III" Gear Chain

Author: Mark Sims (Nanorex, Inc.)


Links to papers on James Tour's “Nanocars”:

Scanning probe movie of actual nanocar movement

Nature's reversible-pitch propellers: Cellular Flagella

Created via collaboraion between U. Osaka / Japan Science and Technology Corp. / NHK

Article describing Osaka U. "Rotary Nanomachine" research project (link/ cached copy)

Link to full (34 minute) movie: http://www.nanonet.go.jp/english/mailmag/2004/files/011a.wmv

Excerpt giving overview of cellular motor
Excerpt showing self-assembly process for motor and flagellum

The molecular motor fueling our cells - ATP Synthase:

Created by M. Yoshida of the Tokyo Institute of Technology, included with book "Molecular Biology of the Cell"

Operation of cellular motor
Driving an ADP to ATP converter

Harvard's "Cell-Targeted Payload-Delivering DNA Nanorobot"

Excerpt on DNA Origami assembly:

Complete presentation including interviews with the research team:

Hansjörg Wyss Institute for Biologically Inpired Engineering at Harvard University (http://wyss.harvard.edu/)