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PowerPoint Lecture Notes: Nano Science Fiction

Readings relevant to the Lecture:

Listed below are links and papers dealing with the nanoscience and technology in science fiction.

For the convenience of teachers and students, both links and cached versions of the readings are supplied.

Listing of Nano Sci-Fi books:

"LibraryThings" listing of Nano Science Fiction / Science Fact books (link / cached page)

Problems encountered in Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems:

"MEMS from the Nanoscale Up" - Mechanical Engineering Magazine (link / cached article)

"Surface Tension Rules the Subminiature World" - UCLA (link / cached article)

Problems with the focusing of light at the nanoscale

"On the Diffraction Limit for Lensless Imaging" - Klaus D. Mielenz, NIST (cached article)

Carbon Nanotube Cables for the Space Elevator / Skyhook / Beanstalk

John G. Cramer's optimistic column: "The Carbon Nanotube - Miracle Material" (link / cached article)

A more pessimistic research article on individual nanotube & nanotube yarn strength (cached article)


Wikipedia webpage on molecular nanotechnology / manufacturing (link / cached article)

Wikipedia webpage on molecular assemblers (link / cached article)

Wikipedia webpage on self-replicating machines (link / cached article)

Blog article on "The Nanotechnology Myth" (link / cached article)

Two sides of the "Gray Goo" argument

Bill Joy's: "Why the Future Doesn't Need Us" (link / cached article)

Phoenix and Drexler's: "Safe Exponential Machines" (cached article)