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Virtual Lab: Nanocarbon from Graphene to Nanotubes to Buckyballs
University of Virginia
© 2003-Present, John C. Bean
This page explains how carbon atoms bond into rings which serve as the building blocks of graphene and graphite sheets, carbon nanotubes, and C60 Buckyballs.

The page downloads interactive 3D models to your PC which you can move and transform. To do this you need to have Shockwave installed and Active X controls enabled. And Apple PC users should also CLICK HERE for special instructions on how to set up Shockwave. You can drag your mouse over a model to move it. But the software is a bit quirky: To move complex models you may have to drag the mouse slowly three or more times.

To start this tour, click the "Next Scene" button at the bottom of this page. At any point, you can jump ahead by clicking an icon above the picture. Get numerical data on nanocarbon by clicking the "Data" button above. To see related web pages on this website, click the "Related Pages" button above.
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