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Resources: Generic Power Plant and Grid
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Corresponding Web Notes: Generic Power Plant and Grid (pptx / pdf / key)

Papers cited in web notes or used in their preparation:

Carnot Cycle - Chemistry Libre Texts (link / cached copy)

Steam Turbine Power Plants - Engaged in Thermodynamics, Minnesota State University (link / cached copy)

To Survive, Coal Power Plants Must Become More Flexible, John Kemp, Reuters (link / cached copy)

RDK's Three Little Words: Efficient, Reliable and Flexible, Power Engineering International (link / cached copy)

 American Electric Power - Transmission Facts (cached copy)


Video: How High Voltage Power Lines are Serviced (while still energized!):

Excerpt from iMAX production entitled "Straight Up: Helicopters in Action" (by SK Films)

(Found on YouTube at this LINK)