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U.S. Home Energy Consumption Data:

U.S. Energy Flow - 2018, U.S. Energy Information Administration (link / cached copy)

Use of Electricity, U.S. Energy Information Administration (link / cached copy)

Gas Furnace Efficiency has Large Implications for Residential Natural Gas Use, U.S. Energy Information Administration (link / cached copy

Energy Data Facts, Residential Program Solution Center, U.S. Department of Energy (link / cached copy)

Residential Buildings - Fact Sheet, U. Michigan Center for Sustainable Systems, 2018 (link / cached copy)

Evidence of a Decline in Electricity Use by U.S. Households, Energy Institute at Haas, 2017 (link / cached copy

Energy Efficient Homes - Overviews of Today's Best Practices:

Guide to Passive Solar Home Design, U.S. Department of Energy (link / cached copy)

Energy Efficient Homes: A Whole Systems View of Home Energy, EnergySage.com, 2020 (link / cached copy

How To Build An Energy Efficient Home, Houzz / Forbes Magazine, June 2017 (link / cached copy

The Zero Energy Project:

Zero Energy Project Mission & Vision (link / cached copy)

Affordable Zero Energy Home Construction & Design in 12 Steps - Overview (link / cached copy)

Step 1 - The Design Process (link / cached copy)

Step 2 - Use Energy Modeling (link / cached copy)

Step 3 - Super Seal the Building Envelope (link / cached copy)

Step 4 - Super Insulate the Building Envelope (link / cached copy)

Step 5 - Heat Water Wisely (link / cached copy)

Step 6 - Specify Highly Insulated Windows and Doors (link / cached copy)

Step 7 - Choose Solar Tempering (link / cached copy)

Step 8 - Create an Energy Efficient Fresh Air Supply (link / cached copy)

Step 9 - Select Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling System (link / cached copy)

Step 10 - Select Energy Efficient Lighting (link / cached copy)

Step 11 - Select Energy Efficient Appliances & Electronics (link / cached copy)

Step 12 - Use the Sun (link / cached copy)

Construction and Design Considerations in Warmer Climates (link / cached copy)

Energy Efficient Homes - Particulars:

Calculation of Home Heat Loss / Gain:

Transmission Heat Loss through Building Elements, EngineeringToolbox.com (link / cached copy

U Values, DesignBuildings.co (link / cached copy)

Control of Home Infiltration / Air Supply:

Infiltration - Heating Ventilation & Cooling (HVAC), Wikipedia (link / cached copy)

How Much Fresh Air Does Your Home Need? GreenBuildingAdvisor.com, June 2013 (link / cached copy)


What is Low-E Glass? PPG Education Center (link / cached copy)

Window Technologies: Low-E Coatings, EfficientWindows.org (link / cached copy)

Measurement of Solar Transmittance through Plate Glass, Shimadzu Corp. (link / cached copy

Heat Pumps:

Heat Pump, Wikipedia (link / cached copy)

Heat Pump Operation 101, WatkinsHeating.com (link / cached copy)

Heat Pump Operation 102, WatkinsHeating.com (link / cached copy)

GE Heat Pump Water Heater, WaterHeaterTimer.org (link / cached copy)

Induction Cooktops:

Induction Cooking, Wikipedia (link / cached copy)