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PowerPoint Lecture Notes: Microfabrication

Animations & Movies used in the Lecture:

Sandia Labs Movies of Spider mites on Micro-electro-mechanical-system (MEMS) chips. In movie on left, note motor at top (likely electrostatic) driving vertical arm down to ratchet and pawl on gear:

These movies are “Courtesy of Sandia National Laboratories, SUMMiTTM Technologies, www.mems.sandia.gov”

Web source: http://mems.sandia.gov/scripts/images.asp


DLP.com / Texas Instruments presentation on how micromachining creates a projection TV chip
(length: 3 min 38 sec):

Web source: http://www.dlp.com/includes/demo_flash.aspx

Links to UVA Virtual Lab Presentations used in the Lecture:

Presentations on the UVA Virtual Lab Webstie:


Other Materials relevant to the Lecture:

University of Washington Professor R. B. Darling's excellent class notes on microfabrication:

Link to Professor Darling's class website

Cached copies of that class's lecture notes:

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